Want to record interesting Instastories? Apply these tips
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Want to record interesting Instastories? Apply these tips

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Communication on Instagram is mainly visual. Profiles with the highest number of followers are aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful, and the content posted is consistent and creative.

Stories are no exception – the most popular ones are those prepared aesthetically and creatively. In this article, we will provide some useful tips on how to improve the quality of your Instastories.

What are Instastories?

This feature appeared on Instagram in 2016. With its help, you can upload photos and videos up to 15 seconds, add text, emoticons, links, geolocation, polls, filters, GIFs and even music to them. A key feature of Stories is that they disappear after 24 hours, meaning they will not affect the publication channel. To extend the “life” of your content on Instastory, you need to add it to featured.

Originally, Instagram invented Stories as a way to share not-so-important information about daily life. However, they quickly became a tool for promoting any business or brand. With them, a profile owner can:

  • build relationships with viewers;
  • engage subscribers;
  • reach potential new observers;
  • promote their products and services;
  • acquire direct visitors to the site (adding a link in the form of a swipe up).

How to create aesthetically pleasing Stories?

When creating Instastories, everyone is limited only by their own creativity and the features of social networks, which are growing every year. Only with the tools available in the application can you prepare truly beautiful and unique rolls.

What you can use:

  • create – allows you to create messages on a dark or solid background;
  • boomerang;
  • align – thanks to the function the frame of the photo and video becomes perfectly even;
  • layout – allows you to create a collage;
  • superzoom – additional graphic and sound effects;
  • swipe up – available for accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers, adds a link and redirects recipients to a designated page;
  • filters;
  • stickers (location, mention, hashtag, donation, gif, music, time, poll, questions, countdown, reaction, quiz, etc.);
  • gifs – a variety of interactive materials, among which you can easily find the ones that perfectly fit the content topic;
  • brushes – tools that allow you to draw or change the color of the entire relationship area;
  • text creator – several different fonts and colors to choose from, as well as backgrounds.

All of these are available on Instagram and you can use them without restrictions.

How to add appeal to Stories: ideas and tricks

There are many ways to spice up your Stories and create truly unique content, but the two basic elements are definitely:

  • interactivity – we’re talking about all the elements that allow an active observer to respond to what he or she sees (poll, quiz, question window, quick responses);
  • dynamic – stories should attract attention, encourage the viewer to watch (not skip!) the next one. For static content, add eye-catching GIF files.

In addition, use the carry to post option to draw users back to a recently published post. Games, which you can create with the help of external applications, are also an interesting idea. Games help increase the number of responses and clicks.

Finally, we recommend always checking what the current trends in Instastories are. One season may be dominated by minimalism, and the next by total abstraction. However, remember that the accounts should visually match the style of your profile and brand image.

Zdjęcie główne: pexels.com/June Aye

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