Where to translate documents into foreign languages?
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Where to translate documents into foreign languages?

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Document translation is a service that many people use. This is not surprising. Globalization has caused many businesses to be associated with several countries. Sometimes a sworn translator is indispensable. Without it, communication, e.g. in an office, would be impossible. See where it is worth translating documents into foreign languages and how to approach this important issue.

If you are employed outside Poland, you have certainly received many letters from the country where you work. Unfortunately, all the correspondence will become practically useless when confronted with a Polish office. No matter which agency you go to, they will always ask for a translation. And not just any kind! With a stamp! So before you can deal with the office, you have to pay to be able to submit a request for benefits. It does not matter whether it is an application for 500+, in which there is no financial criterion, or a matter completely unrelated to money: you have to pay. Is it possible to avoid this?

First of all: don’t do it yourself

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If you’re in international circles, you certainly speak a foreign language very well. You may even know a few of them, and translating a letter from the government or a job contract would take you a few, maybe a dozen minutes. Unfortunately, you still cannot do it on your own if you are not qualified to do so. State regulations do not allow it. The legislator has banned free translations. You can only use your skills in everyday situations or in official meetings to speak on your behalf.

Whoa, whoa, whoa… i’m giving away a copy of the original anyway, so the clerk can easily verify everything, you might say. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Moreover, documents cannot be translated in every translation office. You need to find one with a sworn translator who knows a particular language very well. Only this way you will not be sent away empty-handed.

A sworn translator will make your life easier

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A certified specialist will help you in every situation. Thanks to him, you will solve most of the problems related to the requirements of the officials. Once they receive the stamped document, they will be happy to guide you through the entire bureaucracy.

The exam for a sworn translator is very difficult, so not everyone manages to get a positive result. The acquired authorizations are honored in every institution. However, this service has its price. For translating one A4 page you need to pay at least several dozen zlotys. It all depends on the type of content and the language you are interested in. However, the costs incurred will allow you to reach your desired destination.

A translation agency will make your business credible

I have good news for you. A visit to a sworn translator is not always necessary! If you correspond with international business partners, you can use the services of a translation agency. In this case, a sworn translator is not required. Provided, of course, that the document will not have to go to the office

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Most translation agencies serve their clients efficiently and you do not have to wait long for your order to be processed. Correctly prepared texts with no stylistic or grammatical errors will help you maintain a positive image. Foreign companies will treat you as their equal, they will be more willing to cooperate with you, and your brand will become more recognizable. Thanks to this you will spread your entrepreneurial wings and gain an established position on the market. All of this is within your reach, so don’t let the language barrier squander your company’s potential

So where to translate?

Choosing the right place is not a simple matter. Price should not always be the final criterion. Rather, choose an offer that will inspire your confidence. If you hesitate, you can ask for references or a sample text.

Remember that government offices require certified translations. It may happen that you will not be able to find a person in your area who is certified in a particular language. This happens especially with rare and geographically distant languages. In this case, look for a professional online and make an appointment with him or her. You may have to wait a little longer, but in this situation there is no other way to go

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On the other hand, you can commission a person who is fluent in your chosen language but does not have a special license to translate ordinary business correspondence or content for a website. This is not a disadvantage. They can do their job just as well and help you achieve your goals. It is also best if such a person is familiar with marketing and will be able to translate the text taking into account its nature, not forgetting the benefit language

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