How to write

A copywriter is not a poet! How to write simply and meaningfully?

How do we write so they understand us? Here are a handful of tips that can help with that!

“Lodging” of text. What is it and how can it improve your writing?

What is text lying? How can it affect better writing skills? Check out our tips!

Check these points before you hand over the text to the client

Have you written the text, attached it to an email and are ready to send it? Check these five points first to avoid a slip-up!

The most important elements of UX writing. Check if you know them!

Correct UX writing is the key to user satisfaction with a digital product. Learn the principles of its correct creation.

Proofreading. How should it look like and how does it differ from editing?

Proofreading and editing are used interchangeably by many laymen. However, they are two qualitatively different and extremely important stages of working with text. Find out how they differ!

Emoticons in text. Is it professional?

Some of us can no longer imagine communication without emoticons – simple, funny, quickly conveying information. Will this tool find its application in copywriting texts?

Naming, or an unusual copywriting challenge

How do you make up words? And are there ways to do it? Here is our short article.

Where to put keywords in the text to make them work?

Learn where to place keywords to ensure SEO optimization!

How do you effectively drop anchor and influence a customer?

Learn the importance of detailed customer knowledge in the e-commerce industry!

SEO Bible. How to write so that the search engine appreciates your text?

Do you want your texts to be ranked higher in search results? Learn the rules of writing for algorithms and features of good SEO texts