Where to put keywords in the text to make them work?
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Where to put keywords in the text to make them work?

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Search engines use keywords as a starting point when filtering results, so it’s extremely important to make sure they are placed correctly in our content. This is basic knowledge to increase your chances of being found, indexed and ranked.

Keywords in content, for the sake of optimal SEO

While it’s easy to say “you need to add keywords for SEO,” implementing this idea is another matter entirely. Keywords have their own laws that every serious marketer should know about and respect when creating content. In order to systematize this knowledge a bit, we decided to remind you of the best practices of adding keywords to your site, which can make our SEO efforts much more profitable.

Keywords in the meta description

This is one of the most basic ways to add keywords for SEO, although it is often overlooked for unknown reasons. This is because the meta description acts as a simple summary of the entire content, so including a keyword in this summary helps Google filter the results better. This is an effective way to include 1 or 2 of your most important keywords in the part of your page that is directly served by search engines.

Keywords in the SEO title tag

This is not the main title of the article, but the SEO title tag. This title tag is somewhat similar to the meta description in that it is the name of the page that users will see on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when they search for the keyword phrase. It is this title that will be clickable from the SERP and take the user directly to our site.

Keywords in the title of the article

If possible, try to make an effort to include a keyword in the main title of your article every time. Google works by combining the title headline with our meta description to draw a picture of what our content is actually about. Having the keyword in the title is therefore very helpful, but it is also worth considering the form and whether we are using it forcefully. If the keyword cannot be used naturally in the title, we can use a variation that still conveys the meaning of the article while hitting some of the main words from the keyword phrase. A little is better than nothing, and subtlety is certainly better than overzealousness.

Keywords within the first 200 words

Many experts believe that Google places the most importance on the first 200 words of content. The reason is that usually the first 100-200 words of an article is where the author of the article includes an introduction to what will be discussed next. Most readers will only continue with an article if the introduction is interesting and good, naturally it also becomes an important ranking factor. Knowing that Google analyzes the first 200 words, it is very important to include your main keyword in the first sentence or paragraph. On the same principle, we should try to use at least one additional keyword in the following sentences.

Keywords naturally smuggled into the article

In an SEO-focused digital world, it’s easy to forget that the reader comes first. Never succumb to the blind pursuit of SEO optimization while exposing the reader to unattractive, incomprehensible content. Text written with commitment and on topic will naturally include keywords where they should be.

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