What hinders copywriters from working remotely?
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What hinders copywriters from working remotely?

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Copywriting is one of those professions that can be done completely and without hindrance remotely. Writing texts at home and without the need to commute to the office every day has many advantages, of course, but it is not always colorful. 

Lack of suitable working conditions, noisy household members, problems with self-organization – these are just some of the factors that prevent copywriters from working from home.


Most copywriters need peace and quiet to work. Writing, after all, requires concentration. Meanwhile, the children make noise, the partner comes with questions every now and then, the dog demands attention. Under such conditions, it is difficult to collect thoughts and write something meaningful or do research. Additional problems can be noises from the street, a baby crying behind the wall or a neighbor renovating the kitchen. Although there are other employees in the office who can also generate noise and clamor, it is ultimately a work-oriented environment. So it’s easier to mobilize. At home, even the slightest murmur can knock you out of your work rhythm and distract you.

Lack of proper conditions

In an office, each employee is provided with a workstation – a desk, a chair, and often a company computer. Working remotely, a copywriter has to take care of his work space himself, and he doesn’t always have the opportunity to do so. Perhaps the apartment is too small and it is difficult to carve out a quiet corner to work in, where no one would disturb him. The lack of a comfortable chair, desk or even lighting can also be a problem – working in such conditions tires you out much faster, and back pain is not conducive to creativity.

It is also worth mentioning here any technical problems, such as power outages, a complete lack of Internet or a poor connection to the network, as well as equipment failures. In the office, the solution to these issues lies with the employer. At home, the copywriter has to take care of these things himself, which of course takes up valuable time and holds up work.

Domestic distractions

Apart from other household members, including four-legged ones, the copywriter is also exposed to various temptations of home procrastination. If he happens to lack motivation to work, he will easily find a substitute activity – watering the flowers, organizing the closet, a quick trip to the store or a walk. In the office, household chores or leisure activities don’t have such an impact, because they are out of the copywriter’s sight. In remote work, they are harder to resist.

Improper work organization

When working remotely, it takes a lot of self-control and organizational skills to get your time under control and resist the bad habit of putting off work. Unfortunately, copywriters who don’t have such skills hand in assignments under stress and at the last minute or late. It is not uncommon for them to write late into the night, and as a result they disrupt their daily routine. Improper organization of working time, or lack thereof, also means mistakes in texts, missed deadlines and a simple path to professional burnout.

Disturbed work-life balance

Some copywriters find it difficult to find the golden mean between their personal and professional lives when working remotely. As a result, they neglect loved ones, their hobbies and their health, working late, skipping meals and sleeping irregularly. They are increasingly tired and upset because they can’t set an end to their work and lack time for everything else.

Many of these problems can be solved easily, such as going to the library or creating a work schedule. The hardest part is overcoming one’s own weaknesses and creating an environment conducive to focus and writing.

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