Best ways to get free reach. Organic positioning
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Best ways to get free reach. Organic positioning

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Do you run a website and don’t know what to do to make your site appear high in search results? You should take care of positioning! What does it consist of? What are its advantages? We explain.

It’s easy to get lost on the Internet. We need to really make an effort to stand out among the multitude of sites and online businesses. Merely creating content is not enough. However, not everyone can afford to pay for advertising campaigns that would make our sites appear at the top of searches, in sponsored results.

The solution in such a situation will be to take measures that will naturally increase traffic to the site, which will make it more popular and, above all, more visible in the search engine. It is organic SEO that will help in increasing natural traffic.

What is organic positioning?

Organic positioning involves optimizing a website’s code and content, as well as its link base. The above-mentioned activities will help to adapt the site to Google’s requirements and work out the highest possible positions in the natural search results, i.e. those unpaid and not marked with the “Advertising” label. The activities carried out within the framework of organic positioning include those carried out directly on the page (on page), and those outside the page (off page), related, for example, to the acquisition of external links.

First of all, we should make adjustments to the site’s code to eliminate errors from it. Sometimes it is necessary to change the description description, redirect setting or page title, and sometimes internal duplicates need to be removed. These types of modifications are invisible to web users. On the other hand, among the visible ones are adding text and links, placing address details or creating a section with the most popular questions and answers (FAQ).

The accurate selection of keywords also helps in the positioning of the site. If we choose them correctly, viewers will come to our site after typing the phrase they are interested in into the search engine. Dedicated tools such as Google Keyword Planner can help in selecting keywords.

We should also take care of content marketing, i.e. creating unique and interesting content. Regularity and consistency in action are important, because positioning takes a lot of time, and you sometimes wait several weeks or even months for the first results. However, it is worth the effort.

Advantages of organic positioning

Positioning sometimes requires many sacrifices, but it can bring a number of benefits. Among its advantages we must mention:

  • high visibility in Google – thanks to systematic efforts, the site will appear higher in search results and will record more traffic, which often translates into more products or services sold, and thus better profits,
  • low cost of acquiring new users – the activities comprising organic positioning do not require as much money as other forms of promotion,
  • long-lasting effects – when we manage to get a high position in the search engine, we can be sure that the effects will be long-lasting,
  • faithful readers and customers – positioning will make us gain a dedicated audience.

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