Why is product description more important than you think?
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Why is product description more important than you think?

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Deciding to conduct sales activities on the Internet, most people do not realize how important it is to refine the website in detail, and thus to present your offer in a concrete and convincing way. In order to encourage a potential customer to purchase an item or service created by you, you should focus primarily on a favorable, yet objective product description

How to prepare a perfect offer which will arouse curiosity of the recipient and almost immediately convince him to buy? Why is the product description so important and how does it affect the emotions of the recipient? We invite you to read on!

Esthetic photo and detailed product description vs. Google robots

Observing websites of stores from various industries, you have surely noticed a certain pattern – practically every product from such offer is presented with a photo and description. Of course, the visual aspect is very important because it affects the human subconscious. Already in the first seconds after viewing the photo the recipient decides whether he is interested in the article or not. However, even the best processed image in professional computer programs will not do much if we do not attach an appropriate product description to it. It happens that the person responsible for adding offers to the store’s website overlooks equally important issues, that is the actions of Google robots, whose task is to analyze and select valuable content. If your online store lacks text with the most frequently searched phrases generating traffic to the website, you have very little chance of making any sales, because you will cease to be visible online.

How to create viewer-friendly product descriptions based on key phrases?

If you are a novice marketer and just starting out on your online sales journey, you may feel overwhelmed by the information bombarding you with ads from SEO agencies and sales content specialists. You do not have to enroll in any courses or hire professionals with questionable experience – bet on your imagination, creativity, and above all on the quality and value of the service you offer. Think about what benefit a potential customer will gain if they decide to buy your product. As the creator of your own product you know best what its greatest advantage is, so try to put it all into words by analyzing the results of keywords related to your offer. A large number of searches indicates a great interest of your audience, so you get a valuable hint what you should focus on while preparing a perfect description of your offer. Of course, you can use specialized tools to search for phrases, but for beginners we recommend the method using Google search.

Product description that evokes positive emotions

Apart from the technical issues described above, it is worth paying attention to the emotions that a professionally created offer should evoke. Bolding popular search terms, listing product features or specifications is unfortunately not enough. Although using these methods may help you achieve slightly higher results in Google, a cold, expressionless description does not generate sales and therefore profits. So how can you affect the emotions of your recipients, which will stimulate their impulse and at the same time the need to buy your product or service? Play on feelings, show that what you have created is unique and even essential to life! Describe how the person who is about to receive your unique article will feel, show the benefits by using expression and dynamic phrases addressed directly to the recipient. Do you already understand the phenomenon of a good product description? Don’t wait – use this information and enjoy the profits right away!

Main photo: Maya Maceka/unsplash.com

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