How to position videos on YouTube?
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How to position videos on YouTube?

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Without a doubt, video content is the most desired content on the web today, which is why you can find millions of them – on Facebook, Tik Tok, after Instagram. However, the giant of video content undoubtedly remains Youtube, where we can find music, reports, films. To make them profitable and reach the widest and most personalized audience, it is important to follow a few simple rules.

A few simple steps will allow you to build a unique channel on YouTube


In YouTube Studio after selecting “settings” you can go to the channel view. There you will find a box where you can enter the keywords of your YouTube channel. For example, do you run a cooking videoblog and publish your content on YT? Here the following keywords will work: culinary, cooking, etc. You only need a few specific keywords instead of a dozen or so totally general ones. Google’s algorithms are very advanced, so keywords play an important role here. Well-chosen words mean a higher number of video views, channel hits, as well as a higher position in search results. What else should you keep in mind? Enter keywords as individuals instead of phrases. They are treated better by Google’s robots. Additionally, don’t forget to set the country.

Contact email

Contact information is an important element if you expect cooperation offers. Unfortunately, this aspect is forgotten by many creators. Providing an email address will make your work easier and contact will be easy to establish.

Channel description

Writing a few words about your channel is also important. Giving a short, concise, but informative description about yourself or your brand will encourage potential viewers. It’s also crucial to include your location and any other information you think is important. This is also the place to provide social media links. This helps build your brand online and its credibility.

Brand element

Simply put, this is a watermark. It can be found in every video in the upper right-hand corner. You can decide whether the watermark should be visible for the first 30 seconds or for the entire duration of the video.

Channel layout

If your channel already has a bunch of videos, group them in a way you think is right. Create playlists. When arranging them, you can keep the color of thumbnails consistent, which affects the aesthetics of the channel.

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After building a channel on Youtube, you should move on to optimizing your profile

What should you keep in mind when positioning your content on YT?


Thanks to tags, YouTube algorithm segments the content accordingly, knows what your video is about, what it contains and to whom it should be displayed as a suggestion. Videos without tags have little chance of getting a high position in search results. Competition is very high, so proper tagging will give you an advantage. Tags can be added at any time. If the video is public, then tags are required. As the only restriction is to provide a maximum of 500 characters.

Description and keywords for the video

When the video is uploaded on YT, the system will require a description and title for the content. This primarily affects SEO on YouTube. Start by doing some research on what the community is searching for on the web on this topic. The description should be at least 450 characters long. What should be in the description? Use links that will direct to other places on the web where your brand is found. Using UTM links will allow you to measure the quality of traffic at a later stage of analysis. Encouraging subscriptions is also an important procedure.

Card elements

This in turn makes it easier to navigate already inside the channel. In the top right corner of the video, you can add a shortcut in the form of a transition to another video that matches the viewer.

Final elements

How to get subscribers and keep viewers on the channel? In the last seconds of the video, you can suggest another video from the playlist. Such a match will make the views of each material drive each other.

With these basics in place, you can start building your channel on YT. Connecting the channel to your Google Ads account or analytics are advanced procedures that you should keep in mind in the next steps. Bet on originality and uniqueness. Such content is extremely popular on YT. Taking care of proper SEO of your channel will allow you to gain new subscribers, which in turn influences building a strong and better position.

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