Time for snacks! A few words about preclassified texts
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Time for snacks! A few words about preclassified texts

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Preclass texts are one of the basic elements of SEO copywriting, but nowadays marketing specialists have divided opinions about them. This is mainly due to their low quality. Despite this, such texts are still ordered and created. Why?

A few years ago it was very popular to use presell pages for website positioning. Presells are simple texts that only refer to the keyword. There is no specialist analysis, research or added value in such texts. It is just about linking a specific word, which will lead the reader directly to the advertiser’s website

Precl texts nowadays

Preclog texts have evolved over the last decade, transforming into back-end texts, which are more friendly for the Internet user and Google search engine.

Nowadays such texts are simple factual contents, not exceeding 1700 zzs. Sometimes they no longer specify the keyword – they simply constitute a short note on a particular field and consist mainly of one block of text with a title.

Content requirements

Karteczki samoprzylepne
(Photo: Paper Textures, source: unsplash.com)
  • The text should not be longer than 1700 zzs,
  • Title and content should be relevant to the field the text belongs to. If the client imposes keywords, it is necessary to include them in the appropriate places of the text
  • The text must not have stylistic and spelling errors.
  • Nowadays, pretzels do not have a huge content value, but they must be written logically and with sense.

Example: Floor panels are a fashionable and practical interior finish. Such a floor finish fits almost any style of interior, giving it an uncommon character. When choosing floor panels for your home, it is worth paying attention to their installation. There are panels available in stores which are assembled on KLIK or with the use of assembly glue. Floor panels will be suitable in almost every room. When choosing panels for kitchens and bathrooms, it is worth choosing waterproof ones. Panels are a very universal and practical finish for any floor.

Is it worth investing in preclassified texts?

Recently, preclass texts are increasingly being replaced by meaningful backlink texts. In the past, simple back-end texts helped in the positioning of a website, but nowadays the placement of a text with a link on presell pages automatically pushes the linked website to the last positions in the search engine. Presell pages are also incompatible with White Hat SEO, so discovery of such pages by search engine robots results in penalties and a drastic reduction in search engine position.

Statystyki strony internetowej
(Photo: Stephen Phillips Hostreviews.co.uk, source: unsplash.com)

It is not worth investing in pretzels for several reasons:

  • there is a risk of drastically lowering your position in search results;
  • preclears do not build trust among customers;
  • internet users treat websites with preclays as “smart sales portals” and more and more often avoid them.

The world is developing, so the preclass texts are slowly becoming obsolete, and in their place are created good quality back-end texts

Main article photo: photo by Markus Winkler, source: unsplash.com

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