How do you design a book cover to increase sales?
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How do you design a book cover to increase sales?

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Many readers pay a lot of attention to the cover of a book. For some, it’s even a factor in their decision to buy. Read this text to learn how to sell more copies

Communicate the most important information

It is advisable that the cover design is logically thought out. The front page should contain information that is essential to the reader. They must be clearly visible and highlighted.

Remember not to put too much text on the cover, because then it will become unreadable. It should inform about the author of the book and the title. A common marketing move is to strongly emphasize the name of a well-known writer. Then even less popular works sell out faster. Less detail usually results in higher sales.

Graphics themselves also carry an important message. It is supposed to attract attention and interest the reader. A common method is to use it to present some reference to the content. The person who designs a cover should know the book or at least know what it is about. Then it will better emphasize its potential. This is a very important aspect that should be taken into account from the very beginning.

Know the competition better

It is also worth checking the covers of books with similar themes. Then you can discern the market. See which books sell best and make your own conclusions. Rankings of popular bookstores will be useful for this. You can stick to a similar style. If you want to stand out, then put on some element that will be distinctive among other titles.

Young graphic designers are highly valued on the market. This is because creative and innovative ideas count. When checking out other covers, you may want to write down a list of themes that are often repeated. This is helpful if you lack inspiration. However, remember not to commit plagiarism. Opt for your own original idea. Original graphics are always appreciated

Use appropriate graphic design programs

It is important that the book cover is professionally designed. For this purpose, special graphic programs will come in handy to make your work easier. You can use them depending on your level of expertise. A free wizard for beginners can be, for example, Canva. For those who already have some experience, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign are recommended.

As you work, ask for feedback. This could be other graphic designers or people close to you. Open yourself up to advice from potential clients, who could be your friends, for example. This way you can better adapt the design to their requirements. It is always a good idea to have someone take a peek at the cover from the side.

Take care of the details

When designing, pay attention to the color scheme. Certain colors are associated with consumers in a certain way and are naturally eye-catching. For example, this is the color blue, which inspires confidence and is perceived as professional.

Check out color combinations that work well for the human brain. If you use them in your graphics, it will increase sales and interest. Also choose the right type of font, it should be readable.

It is also a good idea to look at the characteristics of the covers for your genre. Choose a different graphic for a study guide and a different one for a detective story. Also remember that if the book belongs to a series, all the covers should harmonize with each other.

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