Graphics tablet – which one to choose?
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Graphics tablet – which one to choose?

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Graphic tablet is a device that allows you to create drawings of any content, graphics, maps, spatial diagrams, CAD designs, as well as processing photos. It is a tool particularly useful in the work of a graphic designer. What kind of graphics tablet to choose? We suggest.

A graphics tablet offers much greater precision when creating all sorts of graphics and designs than a traditional mouse. Such a tool can be used by artists and graphic designers, as well as advertising professionals, animators, technicians or engineers.

The device resembles a traditional tablet, the surface of which is drawn on with a special stylus. The stylus attached to a graphics tablet can be treated as the equivalent of a pencil, crayon, brush or other painting utensil. Advanced users often use several styluses that can mimic different tools. The effects of work can be seen instantly, that is, in real time, on the screen of a laptop or computer to which the tablet is connected (wirelessly or via a cable). Those who value mobility and convenience can opt for a graphics tablet with a display that directly shows our designs.

The biggest advantage of graphic tablets is that they allow you to make changes, move selected elements or erase failed parts. Thus, the creation of designs is limited only by the user’s imagination.

Types of graphic tablets

We can distinguish two types of graphics tablets:

  • classic graphics tablet – consists of a pad with a working surface that reflects the proportions of the monitor, a stylus and two buttons, corresponding to the buttons in a traditional computer mouse;
  • interactive pen display with LCD – combines the features of a classic graphics tablet and a touchscreen monitor, so that each project is immediately visible on its screen; does not require connection to an external device.

What to pay attention to when choosing a graphics tablet?

Whether you are buying your first graphics tablet or are already an advanced user, you should look at the following parameters when buying a device:

  • working surface and aspect ratio – they should reflect the parameters of the monitor, because only then will we be able to work out the details accurately. Disproportions between the size of the monitor and the working surface of the tablet make it difficult to create projects;
  • size – we adjust it to our own needs, for beginners the A4 size is enough. A5 size is for more advanced users, while A6 size tablets are great for experienced graphic designers and designers;
  • accuracy of the stylus – the accuracy of the stylus should be a maximum of 0.5 mm, the optimal value is 0.25 mm. Keep in mind that greater accuracy when creating designs is provided by smaller values of stylus accuracy;
  • reading height – determines how far we need to bring the pen close to the working surface so that the tablet reads it and transfers it to the monitor. Most often it is 9-10 mm;
  • sampling – indicates the speed of the stylus reading; the higher the parameter, the more accurate the mapping of movements. Currently, the standard parameter is 200 pps (points per second); 
  • pressure sensitivity – indicates the reproduction of the force with which the stylus is pressed; the higher the pressure sensitivity, the more accurate the reproduction of the stylus movement.

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