Design world. What trends will the new year bring?
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Design world. What trends will the new year bring?

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The graphic design industry changes rapidly: even one day can cause that what is currently considered a trend, tomorrow will be overexploited and simply boring. On the other hand, there are trends that seem to have an assured status quo and have not left the design podium for many years (or even decades!)

In our ranking, we have included 7 dominating trends and tendencies that are sure to work in many fields: from designing promotional campaigns, to creating graphics for websites

Authenticity and diversity

The industry is increasingly moving away from idealized images that have little to do with reality. In their place is naturalness even if it’s not perfect and has its flaws. Excessive retouching and models resembling smiling mannequins? This is a thing of the past.


Spiritology is a phenomenon that has spread in the Polish net mainly thanks to Olga Drenda, the author of a book with the same title(Polish Spiritology: Things and People in the Years of Transformation). It refers to what was fashionable in the 80s and 90s, and what evokes great sentiment and a smile in many today. Even if it is somewhat indulgent.

Land of mushrooms

Psychodeliczne zdjęcie
(photo: pawel szvmanski, source:

There is no denying that psychedelic style motifs were already present in 2020, but they will not go away in 2021 either. The climate of such design very well reflects the surrealism of everyday life in which we currently find ourselves, and which at times may resemble the realization of a post-apocalyptic movie scenario. Everything seems strange, alien and unrealistically absurd

Social solidarity

Design in 2021 will also continue to be a field for people to express their views and support those who are not afraid to speak out about them. Art has always been a vehicle for its authors’ beliefs, and forms such as posters, banners and banners will not lose their relevance.

Classic aesthetics

Although well-known works of art are more associated with culture than with marketing, they will also be part of the design trends of 2021. Is this the result of the fact that , confined within four walls , we have even longed to visit museums?

Wood and leaf

Minimalistyczny roślinny design
(Photo: Scott Webb, source:

Natural symbolism is an absolute evergreen of design, literally and figuratively. Consumers invariably appreciate floral, delicate motifs, soothing shades of green and natural materials. This year will be no different.

Minimalism in a modern form

Minimalism, like the classic ‘little black dress’, is a sure bet that will never disappoint. Simple forms and lack of unnecessary elements make the message strong and expressive, but at the same time unobtrusive. This is especially valuable in the era of overstimulation and attacking the consumer with messages from all possible sides.

Main photo of the article: Photo by Toa Heftiba, source:

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