How to culturally show the client that they are wrong?
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How to culturally show the client that they are wrong?

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In order to maintain a comfortable working environment, a copywriter must be able to interact and communicate properly with clients. It is important to follow the rules of business communication and skillfully refuse unfavorable or too nervous cooperation. 

To succeed in copywriting, it is not enough to have specific knowledge and skills – it is necessary to find a specific approach to clients, minimizing the risk of conflict situations and discrepancies. Especially when the client insists on his corrections, which will not necessarily be good for him. So how do you explain it to him?

Be courteous and knowledgeable

In any situation with clients, a professional behaves culturally and with dignity, and does not descend to insults, confidentiality and rudeness. Even if the customer is rude, you must remain calm and restrained. Only in this way will you be able to explain your point of view and argue your case. There is no room for emotions in such situations – only your competence should speak through you.

Also, never criticize the customer – the subject of your discussion is only the proposed changes or details of the order, not the character or knowledge of the ordering party.

Speak in simple words and use examples

When explaining to the client the intricacies of how SEO works, remember that he or she is not an expert on the subject. Therefore, try to explain everything with examples and in words that your interlocutor will understand. Incorrect corrections he suggests may simply be due to ignorance, and if you take the time to explain it to him, you may avoid similar problems in the future.

You should do the same when a customer insists on linguistic and syntactical errors. Try to understand why he cares about this particular version and try to propose an alternative that complies with linguistic rules.

Cite your experience

Make the client understand that you are a professional, just as he is in his field. By commissioning texts from you, he has hired a competent expert whom he should trust more. Make it clear with your experience, show other satisfied clients and the results you have achieved. Perhaps you have already encountered a similar problem in your career? Tell the customer how it was solved then and why it will work in his case too.

Also remember to speak to the customer in the language of benefits. Make it clear to him what he will lose by insisting on your version and what he will gain by opting for your solution. This will allow him to more quickly assess the extent of his mistake and all the “pros and cons”, which will help him make the right decision.

Find the golden mean for the implementation of the order

Remember not to exalt your knowledge or patronize the customer under any circumstances. Instead, let him feel that you are interested in his point of view and always look for the golden mean, where you and he will be satisfied with the order fulfillment.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – he has certain expectations and ideas about the content on your blog or profile. When you try to impose too much on him, conflicts arise. Therefore, where possible, leave room for your client’s ideas and don’t take every correction personally. Conversely, where your professional expertise plays a key role, introduce the client and educate him, but limit any interference.

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