What’s the best gift for a copywriter?
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What’s the best gift for a copywriter?

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Copywriting is a career path for anyone who loves the written word. And like any other job that involves writing – it takes over their life.

So if you have a copywriter in your life, you know that some of the best gifts are those that pay tribute to their work or practically help them in their daily lives. Here are seven suggestions from us.

1. Spotify subscription

Music helps many writers focus and work more efficiently. Even those who require complete silence during their daily writing will appreciate music before and after work. You can open up a huge new musical world to your copywriter friend with Spotify, a digital music streaming service. The service streams music to both mobile devices and desktop computers.

2. Desk Lamp

No matter what you’ve seen in the movies, writers shouldn’t work by candlelight. It’s unhealthy for the eyes. A better option is adjustable lighting that fits any environment and time of day the writer prefers.

3. Noise-canceling headphones

Unless your copywriting loved one is lucky enough to be writing in her own office at home, she’s probably writing at the kitchen table or, worse, at the local coffee shop. Help her focus and write faster with noise-canceling headphones.

4. A decent bag

Writers have a lot to carry: notebooks, laptops, newspapers, and dozens of pens that somehow never show up when they’re needed. So do your writer a favor and gift him a great looking shoulder bag with plenty of pockets. Make it durable and resistant to battering and wear.

5. Aqua Notes, a waterproof notebook

The best ideas are said to be had in the shower. Instead of letting them flow out of your friend’s head, gift them Aqua Notes to help capture them. This waterproof notepad, which mounts on the shower wall, would make a great, fun and creative gift.

6. Pen

Who is a writer without a pen? In today’s digital age, this question may cause amusement, but the reality is that writers are still largely associated with carrying a pen and stacks of paper. A good, old-fashioned, not necessarily expensive pen would be a great idea.

7. Potted plant

You can never have too much green. And if your copywriter friend works from home, he’ll definitely appreciate a positive, living accent in his environment.

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